Published: 11 January 2017


Oral contraception recommendation made

The Medicines Classification Committee (MCC) has recommended that the classification of selected oral contraceptives is changed to allow supply by pharmacists in certain circumstances.

The reclassification would mean that pharmacists can sell up to six months’ supply of selected oral contraceptives to a woman who has been prescribed the same type of oral contraceptive within the last 3 years from the date of an original medical practitioner’s prescription and has not developed risk factors.

The proposal, first submitted in 2014, has been extensively reviewed and discussed by the MCC.

The committee has received feedback and information from health professionals and consumers that has improved the framework for supply of oral contraceptives by pharmacists.

The recommendation is now subject to an appeal process which closes on January 20th.

A final decision on the reclassification rests with Medsafe.

The full minutes of the MCC which contain the recommendations can be seen here

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