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Revised: October 2013

Influenza Vaccine Composition

The recommended influenza vaccine composition for New Zealand in 2014 is:

* A/Texas/50/2012 is an A(H3N2) virus that, following adaptation to growth in eggs, has maintained antigenic properties similar to the majority of recently circulating cell-propagated A(H3N2) viruses including A/Victoria/361/2011.

For applicants intending to submit a NMA for a quadrivalent influenza vaccine, the recommended composition for New Zealand in 2014 is as listed above, plus the additional B virus:

Vaccine strains recommended as suitable are those listed on the World Health Organisation (WHO) Influenza vaccine viruses and reagents web pages (see for H1N1, H3N2 and B viruses.

This recommendation is based on the outcome of:

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