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Revised: 15 May 2017

Closed Consultation Topics

Recent, closed consultation topics are provided for information.

Date closed Consultation topic
13 April 2017 Addition of warning statements on labels of topical miconazole containing medicines available without prescription
11 November 2016 Change to warning statements on labels of OTC loratadine and desloratadine medicines
31 March 2016 Consultation on Changes to the Data sheet format, process and the Data sheet guideline
22 June 2015 Addition of warning statements on labels of OTC oral and topical diclofenac medicines
13 May 2015 Guideline on the Regulation of Therapeutic Products in New Zealand. Part 8: Pharmacovigilance
27 February 2015 New Zealand Medicines and Medical Devices Recall Code
9 January 2015 Proposed amendment to the Medicine Regulations 1984 re fluoride in drinking water
21 March 2014 Ministry of Health consultation on Psychoactive Substances Regulations
3 March 2014 Removal of warning statements from Label Statements Database for loratadine and cetirizine
3 March 2014 Changes to the Label Statements Database for codeine-containing medicines
3 March 2014 Changes to the Label Statements Database for aspirin
3 March 2014 Changes to the prescribing restrictions for clozapine
28 February 2014 Proposed revision of abbreviated process policy
18 October 2013 Consultation on the classification of peptide-based performance and image enhancing drugs
27 September 2013 Standards for Contraceptive Devices supplied in New Zealand
10 July 2013 Common Regulatory Framework Harmonisation Proposal: International Harmonisation of Ingredient Names
14 June 2013 Classification of peptide-based performance and image enhancing drugs
7 April 2013 Trans-Tasman Early Warning System of Safety Concerns with Medicines and Medical Devices
28 February 2013 Medsafe signals planned changes to packaging requirements for antidepressants
21 February 2013 Description of a possible joint regulatory scheme for therapeutic products under ANZTPA
31 January 2013 Planned changes to GMP evidence required for active pharmaceutical ingredients
7 November 2012 Over-the-Counter (OTC) Medicines Business Process Reform Consultation Paper
25 May 2012 Proposed Business Rule for Publication of Data Sheets
27 August 2010 Uniform Recall Procedure for Medicines and Medical Devices (the Recall code)
26 March 2010 Proposal to widen prescriber access to clozapine
30 November 2009 Proposed updates to the New Zealand Good Clinical Research Practice Guideline
20 November 2009 Submission and publication processes for data sheets and Consumer Medicine Information on the Medsafe website
29 May 2009 Review of Administrative Processes Associated with the Evaluation and Classification of Medicines
22 May 2009 Proposed changes to fees payable under the Medicines Regulations 1984 (PDF document, 83 KB, 9 pages)
Medsafe Report (PDF document, 108 KB, 15 pages)
Deloitte Report.pdf (PDF document, 112 KB, 28 pages)
15 May 2009 Proposed update to the New Zealand Code of Good Manufacturing Practice
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