Published: 8 April 2022

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Do not consume Miracle Mineral Solution products, including for the prevention or treatment of COVID-19 disease. These products can cause dangerous and potentially life-threatening side effects.

Reminder: Miracle Mineral Solution has dangerous and potentially life-threatening side effects

8 April 2022

Medsafe has recently received a report of someone requiring intensive care unit (ICU) treatment after taking Miracle Mineral Solution with the intention of treating COVID-19 disease. Medsafe is again warning consumers not to take these products.

Miracle Mineral Solution products, also described on associated websites as water purification solutions, are promoted as effective destroyers of pathogens, fungi, disease, bacteria and viruses, and more recently, COVID-19. Medsafe is not aware of any scientific evidence that these products are effective against pathogens in the body when the product is consumed.

These products contain a high concentration of sodium chlorite, which is used for textile bleaching and as a disinfectant. When mixed as directed, the sodium chlorite develops into chlorine dioxide – a bleach that can cause dangerous and potentially life-threatening side effects when consumed.

Medsafe advice

Further information

Miracle Mineral Solution products or associated water purification solutions are not approved medicines. Medsafe is not aware of any research carried out to assess the quality and efficacy of these products.

Medsafe has previously warned consumers about Miracle Mineral Solution products.

Other medicines regulators have issued warnings following false claims about effectiveness and reports of harm to consumers (see below). Reports of harm included severe vomiting and diarrhoea, life-threatening low blood pressure caused by dehydration and acute liver failure.

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Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA)

United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA)

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