Published: 14 October 2020
Revised:  19 October 2020

Safety Information


15 October 2020

 This technical issue was related to HealthLink’s IT functionality which has now been resolved.

Technical issue with CareLink Plus database affecting clozapine monitoring

13 October 2020

Medsafe has been notified of a technical issue with Mylan’s CareLink Plus clozapine database. The blood test results for patients taking clozapine are not being uploaded from HealthLink onto the CareLink Plus database.

To manage this situation, health care professionals can enter clozapine blood tests results directly onto the database or contact CareLink Plus to enter the results.

Products affected
Advice for health care professionals

Products affected

Product name Sponsor
Clozaril tablet 100 mg Mylan New Zealand Ltd
Clozaril Tablet 25 mg Mylan New Zealand Ltd

Advice for health care professionals

You can either:

  • enter the clozapine blood test results directly onto the database. The Quick Guide on how to enter the blood results can be accessed on the CareLink database login home page.
  • email or fax the results to CareLink Plus and they will enter the results for you.

If you receive an automated overdue blood test notification alert even though the test has been performed, please contact CareLink Plus directly or email/fax the results to CareLink Plus as soon as possible. Not doing so may lead to the database automatically deregistering the patient due to absence of blood results.

CareLink Plus contact details:

  • Phone: 0800 535 020
  • Email:
  • Fax:  0800 256927

We will update this communication once the issue has been resolved.

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