Published: 11 September 2020


Medsafe has completed its review of Objections from the 64th Medicines Classification Committee to reclassify pholcodine

11 September 2020

Medsafe has completed its review of objections received from the 64th meeting of the Medicines Classification Committee in July.

It is standard practice for Medsafe to spend time after every MCC meeting and subsequent public consultation period, reviewing all objections raised to MCC’s recommendations.

As part of the 64th meeting, the recommendation was made to reclassify pholcodine from a pharmacy-only medicine to a restricted medicine.

Pholcodine is a centrally-acting cough suppressant, used to relieve dry coughs.

Medsafe received a total of 72 objections to the reclassification of pholcodine, from a range of objectors.

The Minister’s delegate has considered and reviewed these and has agreed that five of those objections are valid and has decided to refer pholcodine back to the MCC’s next meeting for reconsideration. This is standard protocol if there are valid objections. The issues raised in these objections will also be considered by MCC.

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