Published: 4 December 2019


Medicines Classification Committee releases latest meeting minutes

4 December 2019

The Medicines Classification Committee (MCC) has just released the minutes from its October meeting.

There will now be a period of two weeks for people to raise any objections they may have to any of the MCC recommendations made following the October meeting.

MCC’s recommendations will remain as recommendations until any objections have been received and assessed.

“It’s important to stress that at this stage the MCC’s recommendations are just that – recommendations. No final decisions have been made yet,” says Medsafe’s Group Manager Chris James.

Recommendations from the October meeting, which will be detailed in the minutes released today, include a reclassification of codeine, artemesia and octodrine to prescription medicines. The minutes also provide recommendations about a number of new substances.

Mr James says if the recommendations do go ahead, Medsafe will be working closely with sector stakeholders, communities and other interest parties to plan how best to introduce the changes.

About the Medicines Classification Committee

The Medicines Classification Committee is a ministerial advisory committee, established under section 8 of the Medicines Act 1981, whose terms of reference are to make recommendations to the Minister of Health regarding the classification of medicines as prescription medicines, restricted medicines or pharmacy-only medicines. The MCC will also consider and report to the Minister on any matter concerning the classification of medicines and access to medicines by health professionals and the public.


If people wish to object to any recommendations, they will be reviewed if the objection suggest the MCC  

  • didn’t consider all safety concerns correctly  
  • didn’t appropriately consider all the benefits  
  • was in breach of the appropriate process  


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