Revised: 9 June 2010

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Medical Device Safety Issues

Graseby MS-Series Syringe Drivers - Further Extension of Deadline

Medsafe has extended its target date for the removal of Graseby MS-Series Syringe Drivers from clinical use to 30 June 2011. This change has been made in consultation with both DHBNZ and CareFusion, suppliers of the recommended replacement device.

Current Situation

Following customer feedback regarding a nuisance alarm CareFusion temporarily halted deliveries on the Alaris AD syringe driver while this issue was resolved. The upgrade to address the cause of this alarm is still undergoing development but is expected to be available shortly. To reduce inconvenience to healthcare professionals caused by stock shortages due to the removal of Graseby devices before the replacement pumps are readily available Medsafe has agreed to a twelve month extension of the deadline for the removal of Graseby MS-series syringe drivers from clinical use.

This extension will enable CareFusion to upgrade its quarantined stock to supply all orders. Current users of the Alaris AD will receive the alarm fix as a free of charge upgrade as soon as this is available. CareFusion will be in contact with users to advise them of the upgrade process in the near future.

Medsafe will continue to monitor the progress of the transition program.

Medsafe is the New Zealand Medicines and Medical Devices Safety Authority and is a business unit of the Ministry of Health.

Inquiries about this matter should be sent to Robert Jelas, Senior Advisor Medical Devices, via email (, telephone (04-819-6881) or fax (04-819-6806).

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