Revised: 27 September 2007

Safety Information

Medsafe receives more toothpaste testing results

27 September 2007

Medsafe has received results for 25 additional toothpastes it had sent to ESR for testing as a result of concerns raised over levels of diethylene glycol (DEG) in Chinese-made and Indian-made toothpastes.

Eleven Indian-made toothpastes were among those sent for analysis, after Medsafe received a report from Health Canada about a brand of Neem toothpaste, indicating it contained DEG and microbial contamination.

None of the toothpastes tested were found to contain DEG.

The final part of the microbial testing on eight of the Indian products is being concluded, and any issues with respect to non-fluoride containing toothpastes will be referred to ERMA to follow up. Issues regarding fluoride-containing toothpastes will be followed up by Medsafe.


For further information, please contact
Michael Flyger
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