Published: October 2010

Safety Information

Recall of one batch of GlucaGen® Hypokit 1mg injection to patient/consumer level

October 2010

The product is: GlucaGen® HypoKit 1mg
Batch / Lot No: YW60459
Expiry Date: 1/2012

Medsafe advises that the company, Novo Nordisk, is recalling one batch of this product (YW60459) because a small number of the vials containing the powder for injection may be broken or cracked. Although the number of faulty units is low, it is important for these to be returned and replaced because the product may not be usable in an emergency.

Pharmacists and doctors have been asked to contact patients / consumers they have supplied with the affected kits and ask them to return the kits for a free replacement.

It is most important to know that this recall only applies to one batch and this batch has only been available since 3 September this year. The batch number is located on the right hand side of the main carton label (and also stated on the labels of the powder vial and sterile water syringe) - see the picture below.

Batch number on label

If the batch number is 'YW60459' only (no other batch numbers are affected), please return this product to your source of supply (probably your pharmacy or your doctor) as soon as possible for a free replacement.

While affected kits should be returned as soon as possible, in the meantime, the vial can be checked for signs of damage and, if satisfactory may be used in an emergency until a replacement is obtained.

Further information about this recall can be obtained from Novo Nordisk

Tel: 0800 733 737

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