Published: 21 March 2019

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Consumer Level Recall – Normal Saline, a component of The Trusts First Aid Kits

21 March 2019

Products Affected
Information for consumers and caregivers
Information for healthcare professionals
What action is Medsafe taking?
How to report adverse effects

Universal Specialties Ltd. (USL) is informing customers of an urgent Medical Device Recall affecting Normal Saline 15ml, which is a component of The Trusts First Aid Kits.

The Trusts First Aid Kits were distributed in West Auckland in February and March 2019.

This recall is being initiated due to the discovery in some ampoules of discoloration of the fluid and possible contamination.

Products Affected

The product is: Normal Saline 15ml, a component of The Trusts First Aid Kits
Batch Number: Product code SR8572EP-15, expiry 04/11/2021

Information for consumers and caregivers

  • Do not use the two normal saline ampoules in the kit.
  • USL has records of all customers and will send out two replacement normal saline ampoules to customers when these are available.
  • If you have used this product and feel unwell or have concerns, see your healthcare professional.


Information for healthcare professionals

  •  The source of this contamination is under investigation. Treat according to symptoms.

What Action is Medsafe Taking?

Medsafe is working with USL to ensure an efficient recall and will review any adverse events that may be reported.

How to report adverse events

Online Adverse Event Report (Consumers) (Microsoft Word document 85 KB, 3 pages)
Post Compliance Management Branch, Medsafe, PO Box 5013, Wellington 6415

Medsafe cannot give advice about an individual’s medical condition. If you have any concerns about a medicine you are taking Medsafe encourages you to talk to your healthcare professional.

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