Published: 5 February 2014


Outcome of Medsafe’s consultation with the therapeutic products industry on improving communication

About the Consultation
Consultation Outcome

About the Consulation

 This consultation was part of Medsafe’s communication strategy to improve communication with external stakeholders.

A workshop was held at Medsafe on 24 September 2013 with 19 representatives from the therapeutics products industry.

Workshop participants provided feedback on different types of Medsafe communications ranging from face-to-face communication to guidelines.

Consultation Outcome

All the comments and themes identified by the participants have been reviewed by Medsafe.  The feedback from this consultation has been used to inform a number of changes in Medsafe’s communications.  The comments provided by participants and Medsafe’s responses to these comments are provided in the summary document.

Workshop summary document (PDF 190KB, 19 pages)


Some of the suggested changes have already been implemented.  Other changes will be addressed as outlined in the summary document.


Any questions relating to this consultation should be directed via email to:


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