Published: 13 December 2017

Quarterly Summary of Medsafe’s Early Warning System Communications

Prescriber Update 38(3): 63
December 2017

The early warning system provides current and historical information on safety concerns for medicines and medical devices. These warnings are intended to help consumers and healthcare professionals make informed decisions about their use of medicines and medical devices.

More information about the early warning system can be found on the Medsafe website (

Consumer Information Leaflets provide information about medicines and medical devices or medical conditions to consumers.

Date Communication Topic
16 October 2017 Consumer Information Leaflet Taking metformin for gestational diabetes (PDF 255 KB, 2 pages)
29 September 2017 Media Release Medsafe highlights the dangers of purchasing medicines over the internet
22 September 2017 Alert Communication Consumer Level Recall - Maxiclear Sinus & Pain Relief and Maxiclear Cold & Flu Relief
25 August 2017 Monitoring Communication Watch out for INR changes when direct-acting antivirals (DAAs) are used concomitantly with warfarin
21 August 2017 Alert Communication Gadolinium based contrast agents for MRI and retention of gadolinium in the brain

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