Information for Consumers

Revised: 9 May 2018

Information that everyone should know about medicines and medical devices including updates on staying safe and healthy.

Things you should know

Date Type Title
9 May 2018 Monitoring Communication Life-threatening severe allergic reaction (anaphylaxis) to Calocurb dietary supplement
30 April 2018 Monitoring Communication Beware turmeric/curcumin containing products can interact with warfarin
18 April 2018 Alert Communication Consumer Level Recall - Apo-Primidone 250mg tablets
15 February 2018 Alert Communication Arthrem – potential risk of harm to the liver – statement under section 98 of the Medicines Act 1981
31 January 2018 Monitoring Communication M² logo Dabigatran and gout or gout-like symptoms
13 December 2017 Safety Information Surgical Mesh Implants - Update

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