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Information for Consumers

Revised: 8 February 2017

Information that everyone should know about medicines and medical devices including updates on staying safe and healthy.


Things you should know

8 February 2017 Consumer Information Medicines for Gout (PDF 249 KB, 2 pages)
2 February 2017 Educational Material Gardasil 9 Questions and Answers
1 December 2016 Safety Information Guidance for Pharmacists Dispensing Prescriptions for Span-K
17 October 2016 Update to Monitoring Communication M² logo Ticagrelor (Brilinta) and a possible association with depression / suicidality added to the Medicine Monitoring scheme
29 August 2016 Alert Communication Detachable Wall Plug for AC Power Adapter supplied with Medela Breast Pump Powered
1 August 2016 Alert Communication Quickie Q7 Wheelchair (Model ER14) manufactured between 1 September 2009 & 27 November 2013. (Backrest Bracket Damage)
6 July 2016 Consumer Information Can I take St John's wort with other medicines? (PDF 244 KB, 1 page)


Education and Information

How medicines and medical devices are regulated in New Zealand

Mail Order Medicine

Importing Medicines

Guidance on importing medicines for personal use.



Safety related information on medicines and medical devices including recalls, early warnings and adverse reactions.


Making a Complaint

What to do if you think you have received the wrong or defective medicine or medical device.


Consumer Information Leaflets

Information for consumers on medicines, medical devices and medical conditions.

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