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Revised: 20 December 2016

Medicines Classification Committee - Dates and Deadlines

Date of the last (57th) MCC meeting: 1 November 2016

Classification changes recommended at the 57th meeting will be published in a Gazette notice in February 2017

Date for the next (58th) MCC meeting: May 2017


The minutes of the 57th meeting held on Tuesday 1 November 2016 will be published on Monday 9 January 2017 to allow for an objection period outside of the Christmas/ New Year’s period.

The agenda for the 58th meeting will be available in February 2017

Most recent Gazette notices:

27 October 2016 – Out of Session: This notice implements recommendations made from an out of session meeting that took place on 20 October 2016.

18 August 2016: This notice implements recommendations from the 55th MCC meeting.

18 August 2016 – Out of Session: This notice implements recommendations made from an out of session meeting that took place on 9 August 2016.

11 August 2016: This cumulative notice keeps in effect Gazette notices published after 6 August 2015.

The most recent update to the First Schedule to the Medicines Regulations 1984, Medicines Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2015, came into effect on 6 August 2015. Please note that Gazette notices published after 6 August 2015 need to be taken into account when seeking the classification of a medicine. The Classification Database on this site includes the current classification status of all scheduled medicines.

Closing Dates

Intention to object to a recommendation made at the 57th meeting together with a summary of the grounds on which the objection will be made (refer to Phase 6 of How to Change the legal classification of a medicine in New Zealand. (PDF 426 KB, 13 pages)): 20 January 2017 by 5pm NZST

Supporting data for objections to recommendations made at the 57th meeting:  31 January 2017 by 5pm NZST

Submissions for inclusion on the agenda of the 58th meeting: 31 January 2017 by 5pm NZST

Comments on proposed agenda items for the 58th meeting: 28 March 2017 by 5pm NZST

Timelines for reclassification submissions and consultations

Dates and Deadlines for the 56th meeting on Natural Health Products

It has been decided to postpone the extraordinary meeting to consider the reclassification of medicines also contained in Natural Health Products until the Natural Health Products Bill has its third reading.

The agenda will be reopened for consultation once the meeting date has been set.

The proposed agenda for the 56th meeting is available.

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