Published: 5 October 2018

Medsafe statement: Pharmacy Licencing Update

Medsafe has been working hard to clear outstanding licences and improve processing times and can provide the following update:

Medsafe understands a pharmacy is reported to have refused to dispense prescriptions as their licence has not been renewed. Medsafe can confirm that all pharmacies, with two exceptions, hold a current licence. The two exceptions relate to compliance related activities.

Medsafe acknowledges there were some delays earlier this year in processing pharmacy licence applications, but Medsafe is now up to date with its pharmacy licencing processes .

Medsafe encourages pharmacies to submit their applications at least one month before the expiry of their existing license, as this ensures that their existing licence will continue in force until a new licence is issued, in accordance with the provisions of section 53(3) of the Medicines Act 1981. Applying late can cause delays to all licences as Medsafe needs to prioritise applications received late to ensure that the pharmacy can continue to operate.

Medsafe acknowledges that licence renewal can be a stressful time for pharmacies and endeavours to ensure good communication is maintained with pharmacies during the process. Pharmacies with questions about the current status of their application or licence are encouraged to contact Medsafe (email for assistance.