Published: 8 June 2018

Medicine Classification Update – November 2017

Prescriber Update 39(2): 31
June 2018

There were a number of medicine classification changes recommended at the 59th meeting of the Medicines Classification Committee (MCC), held on 7 November 2017.

The following substances were reclassified:

The MCC considered a proposal to amend the classification statement for influenza vaccine to include registered nurses. A valid objection was received following the meeting, and the proposal has been withdrawn.

The MCC made a recommendation to reclassify medicines containing codeine as the only active ingredient to a restricted medicine (with conditions) and to reclassify medicines containing codeine with other ingredients to prescription.

The current classification of codeine will remain unchanged until a notice is published in the New Zealand Gazette. All products containing codeine as the sole active ingredient will remain a prescription medicine and controlled drug until the gazette notice is published.

Any updates on the reclassification of codeine will be published on the Medsafe website (

See the Medsafe website for further information on the classification process and the minutes of MCC meetings (

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