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Published: 27 February 2018

Fraudulent Email: Overdue Invoices

Medsafe has become aware that a fraudulent email is being circulated stating that Medsafe invoices are overdue, and refers you to a non-Medsafe website for further information.

The fraudulent email is sent from “Medsafe (mailto:testing@nzwta.co.nz)”. This is not a valid Medsafe email address.

The invoices listed for payment are:

Inv 308607 $203.40
Inv 308609 $2592.65
Inv 309094 $2507.15
Inv 309415 $454.19

Please delete any emails you receive from “Medsafe (mailto:testing@nzwta.co.nz)”.

If there is any doubt, contact Medsafe by emailing askmedsafe@moh.govt.nz.