Safety Information

Revised: 30 January 2008

Medical Device Safety Issues

Syringe Driver Advisory Group (SDA)

An advisory group, the Syringe Driver Advisory Group (SDA), has been established to facilitate the safe and smooth transition from the use of Graseby syringe drivers to alternative device(s).

Members of the group include representatives from;

The SDA wishes to ensure that all current users of Graseby syringe drivers are aware of the discontinuation of supply and therefore, the need to plan for changing over to a different device. Current users are providing generalist or specialist palliative care in a variety of settings, or within a variety of paediatric and neonatal healthcare settings. This has practical, financial and educational implications. The SDA wishes to provide a supportive, rather than a directive role.

For further information about SDA please contact Emma Murray, MoH, (, or phone 04-816-2978), Nancy Harp, MoH, ( or phone 04-816-2983) or Anne MacLennan (