Published: 29 January 2014

Proposed revision of abbreviated process policy

Product sponsors
Regulatory affairs consultants


The basis for the abbreviated evaluation procedure is the review of overseas regulatory evaluation reports rather than a full review of the medicine dossier. The abbreviated evaluation process is intended to be a simpler and quicker process than the standard evaluation process.

Current eligibility criteria

Currently, to be eligible for the abbreviated evaluation process, a new medicine must:

Proposed change

Medsafe proposes that the eligibility criteria for a new medicine be changed from having “received its approval from a recognised regulatory authority since 1 January 2001” to having “received its approval from a recognised regulatory authority within the last five years prior to submitting the abbreviated application to Medsafe”.

There are no proposed changes to the other criteria listed above.

Medsafe proposes medicines that have received approval from a recognised regulatory authority since 1 January 2001 but not within the last five years may still be eligible, subject to Medsafe’s discretion. Sponsors should contact Medsafe prior to submitting their abbreviated application in this case.


The proposed change would avoid abbreviated assessments becoming complicated and lengthy due to applications that were approved by overseas regulators an extended period of time ago, where a number of changes may have been made to the product.

Next steps

The target implementation date for the changes described above is 28 February 2014.

Medsafe welcomes feedback on the proposed revision of the abbreviated process policy. Queries about, or comments on, the proposed changes described above should be sent to:

Sarah Reader
PO Box 5013


by 28 February 2014

Comment on the feedback received and any resulting adjustments to the new requirements will be provided through the Medsafe website (

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Sarah Reader
Manager Product Regulation