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Safety Information

Revised: 15 December 2017

Early Warning System Alert Communications

This section contains safety alerts for medicines and medical devices.

The safety concerns described here have been investigated by Medsafe. More detailed information about the safety concern and actions that need to be taken by consumers and healthcare professionals are provided.

Alerts are published for serious and significant safety concerns. Alerts provide advice on changes that consumers and healthcare professionals should make to improve the safe use of a medicine or medical device. For some safety concerns, Medsafe may conclude that no actions are required. However, we may still issue an alert to provide information if there is public concern.

Even though an alert has been issued, it does not necessarily mean that a medicine or medical device is considered to be unsafe.

Recent Alert Communications

13 December 2017 Device Surgical Mesh Implants - Update
29 November 2017 Device UPDATE - Heater-cooler devices used during cardiac surgery: risk of infection with Nontuberculous Mycobacterium species – advice and recommendations
22 September 2017 Medicine Consumer Level Recall - Maxiclear Sinus & Pain Relief and Maxiclear Cold & Flu Relief
21 August 2017 Medicine Gadolinium based contrast agents for MRI and retention of gadolinium in the brain
7 July 2017 Medicine Use of Tramadol During Breastfeeding
24 March 2016 Medicine Andrographis paniculata – potential risk for allergic reactions
22 March 2017 Medicine Consumer Level Recall - EpiPen® (Adrenaline) 300 micrograms (mcg) Auto-Injector
23 December 2016 Device Consumer Level Recall – Pivot, Pivot Hygiene, Pivot Hammock and Tony Pringle clip style sling used for patient hoists

Alert Communications Archive

Further Information

Find out how Medsafe monitors the safety of medicines

Consumer questions and answers on the early warning system

Information about the early warning system

Further information on the criteria used by Medsafe to decide when to publish a monitoring communication (PDF 224KB, 9 pages).

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