Published: 7 September 2017

Gathering Knowledge from Adverse Reaction Reports: Sept 2017

Prescriber Update 38(3): 42
September 2017

Adverse reaction reporting is an important component of medicine safety monitoring. Case reports can highlight significant safety issues concerning therapeutic products and their use.

A selection of recent informative cases from the Centre for Adverse Reactions Monitoring (CARM) database is presented below.

CARM ID: 124149
Age: 68
Gender: Male
Medicine(s): Doxazosin
Reaction(s): Priapism

The patient experienced unwanted, long-lasting painful erections at night.

The Apo-Doxazosin data sheet ( states isolated cases of priapism have been reported to be associated with alpha-1-agonists, including doxazosin.

CARM ID: 123972
Age: 62
Gender: Male
Medicine(s): Aspirin, ibuprofen
Reaction(s): Blood clot, Drug interaction

The patient was taking regular ibuprofen with enteric coated aspirin and experienced a blood clot.

The data sheet for Ibugesic ( states ibuprofen antagonises the irreversible inhibition of platelet COX-1 induced by low dose aspirin (ie, ibuprofen inhibits the anti-platelet effect of aspirin).

CARM ID: 119749
Age: 37
Gender: Female
Medicine(s): Venlafaxine
Reaction(s): Hypertension

The patient developed hypertension during pregnancy that required treatment with labetalol.

Hypertension is a common adverse reaction to venlafaxine. The Efexor-XR data sheet ( states caution should be exercised in patients whose underlying conditions might be compromised by increases in blood pressure.